Sunday, July 12, 2015

Time will tell.


Time did not stand still, since I decided to sell my time. Lots of inquiries came in from people who want to know more about buying their own time. I knew most people are short of time but I never dreamed how pressed they are for extra time. See my post: I decided to Sell my Time

To save some time, I will answer the most frequent asked questions.

Question:  How much time do I get for my one Dollar?
Answer:  Like I said, I will give all the time you need for one Dollar. This means the time you get will be enough to make up for lost time and most important you can stop wasting your time immediately. 

Question: Will there be enough time left when I erased my lost time and the time I wasted?
Answer: Yes. There will be enough time left to spend your time wisely and create family time, good times, exiting times and even times of your life. It depends on you if you put your time to good use and increase the quality of your time.

Question: If I get all the time I need and I failed again to spend my time wisely or still waste my time can I still buy more time?
Answer: Yes you can buy more time, time and again. The ideal way of course is when you buy time, to try and make the most of your newly acquired time, right from were you new times starts. There will be enough time left, when you occasionally fail to spend it wisely or even waste some of your time, but ultimately you should start creating quality time. The danger to keep on buying more time is, that you will be sitting with all that wasted and lost time, especially when you time is up.   

Question: If I buy time from the Time Bank, do I get prove of the time I received and is there any guarantee on this time.
Answer: Yes. You get prove that you received all the time you need from the Time Bank. You will receive an official document stating that you have paid one Dollar and therefore entitled to receive all the time you need from the Time Bank. When you receive your new time together with information on how to make good use of your time, you should take the time to read it and start taking your time seriously. When you do that, I will give you a life time guarantee on the time you purchased from the Time Bank.

Question: If you have all the time in the world and sell it for one Dollar to people who do not have enough time. How can you run out of it?
Answer: I will run out of invaluable time, the time I sell has no value at the moment but before that happen, I need to buy back valuable time from my successful time consumers for two Dollars. As more people buying my time, more people will learn to create valuable time. This means all over the world useless time will be running out and times well spend will be the norm. The  World Time Bank will be able to supply you with useful and valuable time later in time. The need for time, which has no value will decrease and eventually erased in no time. In the end all the people of this world will own valuable time, creating good times, exiting times, family time and time of their lives all the time.

Question: Is this a joke? Nobody will buy your time, there is no market for. It is a crazy idea.
Answer: Airplanes, cars, computers and cell phones were also crazy ideas and there was no market for. Over time they proved to be no joke at all, these markets are worth billions and billions of dollars. The Time Bank has a valuable place in the time we live in. Trough the Time Bank everybody will get a second chance to make something out of their time. 

Whole countries running out of time the most recent one is Greece. By running out of time, bad decision being made, short cuts are being followed and leaders are influenced by time limits or using time consuming fixes. 
Whole countries are war zones because the leaders try teaching their citizens out of time ideas. Child soldiers being send to the front line, they are not given any time. If the children of this world would be able to have all the time they need to get an education they will have the knowledge to question what their leaders are really saying. 
Change will take place over time. Wars would be no longer fought. To enforce the will of the uneducated upon the people who took their time to think and the time to educate each other will be impossible. 
The time is of the essence to start the Time Bank and the time is now.

Question: How many people do you think will buy your time? What will you do with the money?
Answer: there are 7.125 billion people living on our earth, each one of them runs out of time at least once a day. Each one of them wasted time at least once day. Each one of them wished at least once, to have more time to do it right or have the time to do it over again especially the people who are doing time. All of the people on earth are somehow always pressed for more time.
A football team is pressed for time, if they had more time they could have won the game.
Scholars are pressed for time, if they had more time, the outcome of their test could have been much better. 
Businesses, airports, train stations they all run on time and if they run out of it, chaos ensues.

If my calculations about wasted and lost time are correct 40% of 7.125 billion people will buy at least once a week time from the Time Bank, until they learned to use their time right and start to turn it into good times, exiting times, best times ever and times of their life. Until then the Dollars will flow into my commercial bank making my time absolutely valuable. 
When that happens, I start the World Time Bank, I can then easily supply the people who are still lost in time or still do not know what to do with their time, with the valuable and exiting times they need until they have learn to spend their time wisely.
I will give them all the tools to be able to create family time, personal time, time to enjoy, time to think and most of all time to listen until they are able to create good and useful times on their own.  

Question: You claim that you buy valuable time from your loyal time consumers for two Dollars why not five Dollars or even ten? Why do you sell your own time for one Dollar?
Answer: Two questions at the same time, I call that time saving. 
Yes I will buy time back from my valuable customers who learned to spend their time wisely. The two Dollars represent a 100% increase in value of this time. This time is no longer useless and is now times well spend. With this time, it is easy to create happy times, family time and time to get an education. I will also buy time that has never been used, wasted time and lost time but I only will pay one Dollar for this type of times. 
One Dollar, is affordable for 50% of the people in this world, who want a second chance to use their time the right way this time.
For people who cannot afford the one Dollar and are in desperate need of time, especially the people who are torn apart by war, disasters or famine, I will give away enough time to mourn, time to heal, time to rebuilt and time to prosper again. I will ask my loyal time consumers to give a little bit of their own time to improve the lives of the people who are exploited, lied to and most of all to people who have nothing not even time.

Question: Is it not better instead of selling your time to educate people to spend their time wisely and stop wasting it?
Answer: Most educational systems have failed to produce enough young adults who are able to spend their time as it should be. 
The divorce rate has never been so high. Young adults loose time by making the wrong decisions because they do not take the time to think, listen, talk and understand. A lot of young adults wasting all their time using drugs and alcohol. A life is not much more worth than the Dollar they need for the next fix. Young adults wasting their time on cell phones and gadgets they do not need. They do not take their time to work on their relationships. They do not take the time to contemplate where their precious time is going. 
But when their time is up, they only can look back at a life full of wasted time, lost time and missed opportunities. To let youngsters buy their own time even many times over, will teach them take ownership of their newly acquired time and comprehend time does not come for nothing. They learn that working time is not leisure time. 
They will become productive and time orientated people.

Question: How many times does a person needs to buy time?
Answer: People who understand time but unfortunately ran out of it need to buy all the time they need only once. These are the people who take time very seriously especially their own time. These are the people who will create valuable time once they received their newly acquired time. These are the people, I will approach to buy back valuable time any time. 
The truth is the majority of people who receive their new time will waste it as it comes in; they fail to understand the importance of spending their time wisely. Those people need to learn with trial and error, those people become the most important time consumers. 
When they eventually learn to create: good times, exiting times, family time, time of their own, time to get an education, time to talk and most of all time to listen the world truly becomes a better place and the role of the Time Bank will moderate over time. 
I will prove that time is more valuable than money.

Question: Can I buy time for my son? He never has the time to visit me.
Answer: Yes. The time you buy for somebody else will be transferred and personalized into the receiver’s name. Due to the fact that you cannot decide what other people are doing with their time.  In your case when your son receives this precious time trough you, the Time Bank has the duty to help your son to make the most of his given time. 
A strong messages and useful tips on how to create good times, together with the official time document will give him the opportunity to take time to think about the lost time with you. 
He will soon recognize that it is time to talk and time to take action.

This question from you is the big motivator behind the Time Bank. People should appreciate that time spend with loved ones and family is the most precious time there is. From there on you can easily create good times, time well spent, exiting times and times of your life.

Question: Is it legal to sell your time and what happens if the Time Bank gets sued for selling time?
Answer: The Time Bank sells time and information on how to put time to good use. Time and information are not tangible commodities; intangible goods are goods that do not have a physical nature. Digital goods such as downloadable music, mobile apps or virtual goods are used in virtual economies. In economics goods are defined as something that satisfies a demand and therefore has economic value. The Time Bank is a service which helps people to make the most of their time.

Everybody puts a value on time especially if you are about to run out of it. The value I put on my time is one Dollar because it never has been put to good use. My time sold trough the Time Bank will increase in value as more people will buy my time. I want to keep the value of my time on one Dollar to give everybody the opportunity to own enough time. Long before my time is running out, I will buy time back from my valuable time consumers for two dollar due to the fact that it has now been put to good use. The Time bank will never run out of fresh time.

When the World Time Bank has been launched, people will be able to buy good times, family time, time of a life and exiting times. The put a price on such extreme valuable time depends on our time consumers

To sue the Time Bank for selling time will be the same as suing your hair dresser for cutting your hair. Their will be no lawyer who will argue that time has no value and that there is no demand for time.
If the Time Bank satisfies this demand there will be no reason to sue the Time Bank.

Question: Will there be a Time Bank in my country?
Answer: At first there will be a Central Time Bank. As time progresses it might be necessary to open Time Banks all over the world. Later in time it may be  crucial to open ATM’s "Automatic Time Machines" to provide 24 hour time service for everybody urgently in need for more time.

Question: Where and when can we start buying time? I am in need of more time as soon as possible.

Answer: The launch date is not a question of time but will be set for sometime in the near future. As soon as every time aspect has been finalized I will formally set the correct date and time.  In the mean time, if you have more time related question, my new time team is ready to answer these questions timely.